Contest Period : 13 July - 24 September 2020


The edotco Tower Design Competition is a telecommunications infrastructure competition open to engineering students (Year 3, 4 and Masters students) from top universities in Bangladesh.

This competition is an initiative by edotco that aims to cultivate young talents in enhancing tower and foundation efficiency through the exploration of design creativity. The competition focuses on:


Cost Efficiency

Feasibility and

Friendly Solution


With a prize pool of BDT 425,000, participants will stand a chance to win:

BDT 225,000

First Prize

BDT 125,000

Second Prize

BDT 75,000

Third Prize

Plus internship opportunities with edotco Bangladesh for selected winners.
(Terms & Conditions apply)

Participation Criteria
Contest Mechanics
Terms & Conditions
  • 2 (minimum) to 4 (maximum) participants per team.
  • Participants must be 3rd or 4th year undergraduate, and/or post graduate student.
  • Each team can have a maximum of 1 post graduate student.
  • At least 1 participant from the team must be a Civil Engineering student.
  • Each participant can only be part of one team.
  • Participants are required to design tower and foundation that fits the next generation telecommunications infrastructure criteria based on the Technical Framework.
  • Participants are required to ensure all submitted documents adhere to the Documentation Checklist.
  • Entries must be submitted through the contest registration form. Documents submitted must be either in PDF/JPEG, compressed in a ZIP file.
  1. Participants should submit design papers that have been proofread and polished. Before submission, please make sure that your paper is prepared in a comprehensible manner adhering to the Technical Framework provided by edotco.
  2. Submitted papers MUST be written in English.
  3. Contest period is from 1 March – 15 April 2020. Contest result will be announced by 7 May 2020 (winners will be contacted via email and phone call).
  4. edotco is solely the organiser for this competition. All decisions regarding evaluation of the design papers will be directed by appointed judges at their sole discretion. edotco will have no control, participation or influence over any of the decisions made by the judges.
  5. edotco will hold any and all rights, titles and interest over the submitted designs of the winning teams. The winning teams shall not share or submit the designs anywhere outside of the competition, other than required by edotco for the purposes of the competition.
  6. Participants must submit all the required materials, documents and data related to the design paper in order to be qualified for final evaluation.
  7. In case of multiple entries by the same team, edotco will choose the first entry submitted.
  8. edotco shall not be responsible or liable for any type of late submission issues, or loss or damage to any materials or data including those resulting from any of your service providers such as the internet, email, etc. which are beyond edotco’s control, or failure of edotco to download the submitted paper.
  9. For any inquiries regarding the contest, please email to:
  10. Neither edotco nor any of our affiliates and/or partners shall be liable for any inappropriate, illegal, unethical, or otherwise wrongful creation or use of the products and/or other written materials submitted by the participants such misconduct may lead to plagiarism, expulsion, academic probation, loss of scholarships / titles / awards / prizes / grants / positions, lawsuits, poor grading, failure, suspension, or any other disciplinary or legal actions as edotco deems fit to take. edotco shall take up the matter directly with the participants for resolution of any dispute(s).
  11. edotco reserves the right to ask participants to revise the design paper submitted by them or request for further information if it does not meet the specifications provided by edotco, or if it is incomplete or incomprehensible.
  12. edotco will have zero tolerance for plagiarism related to the core design.
  13. edotco shall not be responsible or held liable for any loss or detriment to any participants caused by taking part in the competition.
  14. All participants must agree and comply with the above terms and conditions.